IJSO 2012

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IJSO 2012 was held by Ariaian Young Innovative Minds Institute on Dec. 1-10, 2012. 29 teams from around the world participated in this scientific event with their team leaders. The accommodation , competition venue (Shahid Abbaspour University Complex and Genetic Center) and tours were arranged just by AYIMI. Unfortunately economic problems caused some of the organizations to be unable to support IJSO . IJSO is a competition among junior students in basic sciences: Physics, Chemistry and biology. The main aim of hosting tournaments such as IJSO by AYIMI is making a scientific relation between Iran and other countries and also introducing Iranian culture and its great civilization. To gather all the participants in an appropriate venue, at the last moment AYIMI succeeded to change the closing ceremony to Imam Ali Complex. Ambassadors from Hungary, Romania,Indonesia, Serbia, Kuwait and vice minister of Ministry of Educatin, Dr Yazdani attended the closing ceremony.  The participants received medals and certificates provided by AYIMI.