Local Organizing Committee

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The IJSO is organised in late November or early December by the National Organising Committee (OC) of one of the participating countries on behalf of its National Government, its Ministries or its official Institution(s). The competition has to be conducted on the territory of this nation. The duration of the Olympiad (including the arrival and departure days) should not be less than 9 days.
English is the working language of the IJSO and competition problems and their solutions should be presented to the IJSO International Board (IB) and team leaders in English.
The Organising Committee (OC) of the IJSO must be completely independent and separate from the local Country Coordinator (loc CC) responsible for the selection and training, etc, of the Host Country Team.
The appropriate Governmental Department or Institution(s) of the host country on whose territory the competition takes place appoints the Organising Committee (OC) to run the IJSO on behalf of the host country.
The OC should produce a set of "Organisation Rules" based on the statutes. These must be sent to the delegation leaders of the participating countries in good time. These Organisation rules shall give details of the IJSO not covered in the statutes including the names and addresses of the institutions and persons responsible for the IJSO.

The OC shall provide a detailed program for the competition including the schedule, program of excursions, etc, which is sent to the delegation leaders of the IJSO.

The OC is obliged to publish the IJSO proceedings in English. Each participant should receive one copy of the proceedings free of charge not later than one year after the competition.